Since May 2018 we have a class running. Here you can find information about the progress of this class.

There will be some additional informations, where to find explanations of the figures as well.

The list of figures is divided in three parts:

Explanations of all figures you can find on the following sites: The owners of the different sites is responsible for its content. We cannot assume any liability.

Basic 2

Figur / figureerklärt am /
explained on
33. Wheel Around14.10.2018
34. Box the Gnat07.10.2018
35a. (Named Dancers) Trade07.10.2018
35b. Couples Trade07.10.2018
35c. Partner Trade07.10.2018
36a. Step to a Wave02.12.2018
36b. Balance02.12.2018
37. Alamo Style (Alamo Ring)06.01.2019
38a. Swing Thru02.12.2018
38b. Left Swing Thru02.12.2018
39a. Run02.12.2018
39b. Cross Run06.01.2019
40. Pass the Ocean02.12.2018
41. Extend09.12.2018
42. Wheel & Deal09.12.2018
43. Zoom06.01.2019
44a. Flutterwheel06.01.2019
44b. Reverse Flutterwheel06.01.2019
45. Sweep a Quarter06.01.2019
46. Trade By06.01.2019
47. Touch 1/406.01.2019
48. Ferris Wheel06.01.2019